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I think I remember this- is this when Joel ended up telling Vinny "I will skullf--k you?!" XD

Great job with the animation :)

Ok, well this made me laugh anyway :P The lion wearing glasses was also quite funny for some reason.

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This is really good! The SNES-style graphics and sound are great, controls well, and the bosses are just fantastic. Slight gripe-I always appreciate controller support, but not having this in the menu is a bit annoying. Also, it would be good to see more inventiveness before you hit the bosses. Think this is already in the top 5 percent (at least) of NG bullet hell games, but could reach a higher level still.

ShibeyFaceGames responds:

Thanks so much for playing, and also your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have a bad habit of glossing over controller usage for menus, I'll try and fix that in a future update patch!

Even though I don't know the first thing about baseball, I love your bizarre and quirky writing style! I haven't got too far in this yet but first impressions are it's very much more of a story than a game- but still a very good one. I'll look forward to coming back to it.

neiltylerfloyd responds:

Thanks for playing, I hope you enjoy the rest when you pick it back up!

This is a pretty good idea- just needs a bit more development like sounds, AI and general presentation. Hard to know how it'll work for anything other than a casual game- the knights become super important but the poor pawns don't seem to have the strength to kick the ball!

wormius responds:

Lol, the pawn can kick the ball but not if it is blocked.
The pawn would kick it forward if that square is empty.

Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback.

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