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KFG are Manchester's premier developers of quality visual novel adventure games. Possibly. I can't think of any others. We are Dom (creative) and Mike (technical). Thanks for stopping by and please follow us if you enjoy our games.

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Posted by KrunchyFriedGames - December 26th, 2019

I had a few requests for a walkthrough for our last game (one puzzle in particular flummoxed a lot of people) but, as I'm far too lazy to do one myself, here are Gamesiety to show you round Bunny Hill castle!



Posted by KrunchyFriedGames - October 26th, 2019


Over a year in the making, our new visual novel adventure, The Bunny Hill Horror is now up on Newgrounds- with the scenes we had to cut from the Kongregate version. Please give it a go! Comments, critiques and ratings all very welcome :)

Below is Z9ZGames' preview of the SFW Itch.io version.


Posted by KrunchyFriedGames - September 8th, 2019


We're over 90% done with our next project so, if schlocky (occasionally NSFW) visual novel adventures are your cup of tea, feel free to give us a follow, or ask any questions that your heart desires here (about the game, anyway). We've also got a devlog here if you want screenshots and all the tedious game development detail... which you probably don't.



Posted by KrunchyFriedGames - October 3rd, 2018

Ok, so we had a few ideas for new games, but a couple of these fell by the wayside as being too ambitious for two guys who both have full time jobs (Funky Footy Manager in particular, was always going to be a logistical nightmare).

Instead, we're working on another choose-your-own-adventure style visual novel. If you like bizarro horror, dark and surreal humour, and the odd bit of violence and nudity (tastefully done, of course) then please follow us on Newgrounds for updates, or check out our devlog for The Bunny Hill Horror on itch.io.

I'm about 75% of the way towards a first draft of the story, we've got most of the art sourced already (this involved me travelling around Newcastle-under-Lyme and Tamworth in Staffordshire to take background photos), and coder Mike's going to add new features we weren't able to do for our first game.

Thanks for Stopping by,



Posted by KrunchyFriedGames - January 14th, 2018

Or happy St Partrick's day, or Hallowe'en. Since I hardly ever update these things, I'll try and keep my bases covered.

Well, since the last entry, the world famous* Krunchy Fried Games have released our first interactive-text game after a lot of blood, sweat and tears and no budget whatsoever**. I've made a blog post about how the game went. But, as a two letter summary: ok. The reviews we did get here and on Kong were overwhelmingly positive, but the lack of actual gameplay might be a set back in terms of views and getting attention. So, please give 'Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) a go and let us know your own opinion if you're in the mood for a weird, playful choose-your-own-adventure game- and feel free to follow us in any of our social media link to the bottom left.

We have two projects lined up for this year- one football management game (AKA the logistical nightmare from hell), and another ineractive texter with more of a schlocky, bizarro feel. This one's not even going to attempt to be family-friendly, so expect Evil-Dead style violence, explicit sex scenes, and enything else my sick and twisted mind can come up with. I'm a nice person really* :)

Peace and Love,


*kind of

**on a related note, if you're a half-decent artist with no financial expectations whatsoever (beyond a shared percentage) then please drop me a message


Posted by KrunchyFriedGames - September 8th, 2017

Welcome to Krunchy Fried Games- Manchester, England's premier high-tech games studio.

Actually, our whole operation consists of me- Dom- who tries to find time to write, Gimp up graphics and beg for assets in between working full-time at a hospital and recovering from working full-time at a hospital, and Mike, who is learning Unity coding from scratch.

We're working on a free choose-your-own-adventure style fantasy game called Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My)- a scaled down graphic novel version of which is available here if you feel brave enough to venture onto Deviant Art.

Feel free to say hi, or follow us on Newgrounds or Twitter or wherever- we'll almost certainly follow back; as our marketing budget is exactly the same as our development budget (i.e. bugger all), we'll take any publicity or recognition or pity votes we can get...